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Our Motto is to give the  best Product Quality  in the  Market.We are the  Team  of Dedicated Professionals with High Quality  Branded Machines & using the Best Material to satisfy our renowned Customers  for  enhancing the Long term  Business relations with them.


Mono Cartons:-


We are specialized in Manufacturing of  All Type of   Mono  Cartons  Like Metallised (Met­ Pet) Hybrid,Convection,Special Colour using  all Panton Colours  & giving our  Best Quality Products thru using the best quality material.




We are having all types of  Coating facility  Aqua- Varnish,Texture (Drip-off),U.V, Spot­ U.V,  Leafing (Hot Stamping Foiling)  & all kind  of  Lamination i.e.PVC,BOPP  etc. Adway

is fully equipped with Modern technique of  Die  functions Like Embossing  & Braille on


Cartons.We are  also having the Latest Pasting facility of  Cartons  i.e.Auto Lock,Manual


Lock & Side Flap  Accordingly.


Litho Laminated  Cartons:-


E-flute 3Piy  Cartons:- E-Fiute  technology is merely used  to give more strength to the carton when strength is required. Adway Facilitate such kind  of  cartons to maintain the aesthetics of  the products thru its latest equipment’s Fingerless Corrugation as well  as Automatic  Flute Laminator.




Labels  also plays an Vital role  in Packaging industry.Every products  needs Label coding. Adway provides all labels under sheet  form using  different paper sheets Like Mirror Coated,Cromo & Gum Sheets.




lnserts  are  also very important part of  Packaging Products  which  leads to give  the full information of  the products such as products ingredients,Method of  using the Product & also even the Company’s detail of Manufacturing. Adway has the modern technology of inserts & the folding machine which gives the best outcome in the Industry.

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